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Zinovy Naumov
Zinovy Naumov

Galaxy Shooter - A Classic Arcade Space Shooter with Modern Graphics

Galaxy Shooter is #1 arcade space shooter game on Google Play. Experience the thrill of adrenaline-packed aerial battles and engaging enemies in classic shoot 'em ups space fights!Join Galaxy Shooter today and become an ace pilot to protect earth from waves after waves of aliens! Control the lone spaceship, shoot down each formation of aliens, prevent the enemy forces from destroying all of mankind now!Galaxy Shooter Features:- Ultra high quality graphics and cool animations- Thousands of thrilling missions- Dozens of starships: Attack with different guns, lasers and missiles- Classic arcade fixed shooter reminds old school games- True star battle experience- Multiple epic boss fight wars- Modern control that bring you a fun and addictive gameplay

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Galaxy Shooter - Space Attack is a shooter game where you will play as a brave spacecraft pilot. Your mission is to destroy the alien enemies and prevent them from setting foot on earth.

This is a fantastic action game, in which you will be able to defend the Earth against the aliens, the most dangerous in the galaxy. Your mission is to protect the Earth from the invasion, but, before doing so, you will have to survive in the bullets hell and shoot all the enemies.

Alien invaders once again stir up the galaxy. They want to take over the planets and enslave every living thing for them to thrive. This is not the first time that evil enemies have targeted the earth. In the past, aliens have sent many spaceships to invade the world. But humanity did not want to turn into enslaved people and successfully drove away the invader. However, the invaders once again returned and attacked the earth. Get your spaceship ready to confront the alien fleet.

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