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The Witch: Part 2 The Other One (2022) |TOP|

During the trip to the market, Kyung-Hee discovers that her uncle is injured and goes out to help him. When she returns to the car, she finds Jo-Hyeon and her colleague, who shows footage of the girl killing everyone before the escape and asks her to help them stop Ark 1. Yong-Doo meets with Jang's squad when reporting the girl's presence to his partners in crime, where he ends up receiving a dose of their power in exchange for revealing the location of the girl. Kyung-Hee arrives home with instructions to leave with her brother as soon as a fireworks show takes place, but before that happens, Yong-Doo arrives with his gang and Jang's squad. Kyung dies while trying to buy time for Dae-Gil and Ark 1 to escape, being killed with a fatal shot in the process.

The Witch: Part 2 The Other One (2022)

Shin Si-ah auditioned for the role of the protagonist in the summer of 2020, and was selected after beating 1,408 others.[7][21] Lee Jong-suk after finishing his military duty in 2020, made a comeback with a role in this film. Warner Bros. Korea, the holders of 'Witch' license, signed a contract with Next Entertainment World (NEW) for director Park Hoon-jung's next film: Witch 2. NEW made the investment and will also distribute the film.[19] The original crew of The Witch: Part 1 joined in this version too. Apart from director Park Hoon-jung, cinematographer Kim Young-ho, art directors Hwa Seong, Choi Hyun-seok, to the martial arts director Kim Jung-min are working together.[22] Park Eun-bin is coming back to big screen after nine years, since her last appearance was in 2013 film Secretly, Greatly.[23]

This second chapter in the Korean sci-fi fantasy series runs in parallel with the first, telling the story of another teenager gifted with special powers. After an attack on the secret facility where she was raised, a nameless girl (Shin Si-ah) suddenly finds herself thrust into the outside world, where she is taken in by a young woman and her brother with problems of their own. Various competing factions are looking for the girl, although it does become confusing who is on what side. With an increased emphasis on CGI action and gore, this sequel lacks the slow-build tension and solid characterisation of the original film. However, the thrill-packed finale and some surprising revelations certainly whet the appetite for part three.

The Other One takes the logical step of examining new characters who went through the same medical transformation. The central figure in this sequel is a test subject who was cloned in the mysterious laboratory (Shin Si-ah). It is implied that she is heavily dangerous and ought to be eliminated. A foul-mouthed mercenary and her South African partner are tasked with tracking her down. Not to mention the various other shadowy figures and their nameless thugs who are also interested in the girl or otherwise are unfortunate enough to fall into her path.

The nonstop thrills mean a brisk pace for the robust runtime, even when the narrative retreads similar beats, but it also makes it a lot tougher to get a strong sense of character. Head agent Jo Hyun (Seo Eun-soo) has strong ties to a character from Part 1. Still, other than her established toughness and knack for slaying people like Girl, we know next to nothing about her save for her intentionally comedic dynamics with her partner (Justin John Harvey). Harvey demonstrates action chops, but line delivery across multiple languages can distract. 041b061a72

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