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Where to Download Her Blue Sky with English Subtitles

Download Her Blue Sky: A Guide to Watch the Anime Movie Online

Are you a fan of anime movies? Do you love stories that explore the themes of music, love, and family? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might want to check out Her Blue Sky, a 2019 anime movie that will touch your heart and inspire your dreams. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Her Blue Sky, why you should watch it, and how to download it online.

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What is Her Blue Sky?

Her Blue Sky is an anime movie that was released in Japan on October 11, 2019. It was directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai and written by Mari Okada, who are known for their previous works such as Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and The Anthem of the Heart. The movie was produced by CloverWorks, a studio that has also worked on popular anime series such as The Promised Neverland and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.

The plot of Her Blue Sky

The movie follows the story of Aoi Aioi, a high school student who loves music and dreams of becoming a singer. She lives with her older sister Akane, who gave up her own musical aspirations to take care of Aoi after their parents died in an accident. One day, Aoi meets Shinnosuke Kanomura, a struggling guitarist who happens to be Akane's ex-boyfriend. Shinnosuke was once a promising musician, but he left Akane and his band to pursue his solo career. However, he failed to achieve success and became depressed. Aoi and Shinnosuke develop a friendship based on their shared passion for music, but things get complicated when a mysterious phenomenon occurs: Shinnosuke from 13 years ago appears in front of Aoi, unaware of his future self. Aoi finds herself torn between the past and the present, as well as between her sister and her crush.

The characters of Her Blue Sky

The movie features a cast of colorful and realistic characters that will make you laugh, cry, and root for them. Some of the main characters are:

  • Aoi Aioi: The protagonist of the movie. She is a cheerful and optimistic girl who loves singing and playing the guitar. She admires her sister Akane and respects her decision to give up music for her sake. She is curious about Shinnosuke's past and future selves, and develops feelings for both of them.

  • Akane Aioi: Aoi's older sister. She is a kind and responsible woman who works as a nurse at a local hospital. She used to be a singer in a band with Shinnosuke, but she broke up with him and quit music after their parents' death. She still cares for Shinnosuke, but she also wants him to move on with his life.

  • Shinnosuke Kanomura: Aoi's love interest. He is a talented guitarist who has two versions of himself: one from 13 years ago, who is confident and charismatic; and one from the present, who is gloomy and pessimistic. He regrets leaving Akane and his band, but he also wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a solo artist. He is drawn to Aoi's bright personality and musical talent.

  • Daiichi Shinoda: Shinnosuke's best friend and former bandmate. He is a cheerful and energetic guy who plays the drums. He is loyal to Shinnosuke and supports his musical endeavors. He also has a crush on Aoi's friend Masatsugu.

  • Masatsugu Nakamura: Aoi's childhood friend and classmate. He is a smart and calm guy who plays the bass. He is secretly in love with Aoi, but he respects her feelings for Shinnosuke. He also helps Aoi with her studies and music.

The themes of Her Blue Sky

The movie explores various themes that are relevant and relatable to the audience, such as:

  • Music: Music is a central element of the movie, as it connects the characters and expresses their emotions. The movie shows how music can inspire, heal, and change people's lives. The movie also features a beautiful soundtrack composed by Masaru Yokoyama, who also worked on Your Lie in April and Fruits Basket.

  • Love: Love is another major theme of the movie, as it portrays the different kinds of love that exist between the characters. The movie shows how love can be complicated, painful, and wonderful at the same time. The movie also explores the concept of fate and destiny, as well as the choices and consequences that come with love.

  • Family: Family is an important theme of the movie, as it depicts the bond between Aoi and Akane, who are sisters by blood and by choice. The movie shows how family can be supportive, protective, and sacrificial for each other. The movie also highlights the value of family traditions and memories, as well as the challenges and conflicts that arise within families.

Why should you watch Her Blue Sky?

If you are still not convinced that Her Blue Sky is a movie worth watching, here are some reasons why you should give it a try:

The animation and music of Her Blue Sky

As mentioned earlier, Her Blue Sky is a visually stunning and musically captivating movie that will impress any anime fan. The animation is fluid and detailed, with vibrant colors and realistic expressions. The music is emotional and catchy, with original songs performed by the voice actors of the main characters. The movie also features some amazing scenes of musical performances, such as the opening concert, the rooftop jam session, and the final showdown.

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The emotional and relatable story of Her Blue Sky

Her Blue Sky is not just a movie about music and love, but also a movie about life and growth. The story is engaging and touching, with twists and turns that will keep you hooked until the end. The story also deals with some serious issues such as grief, regret, and depression, but also offers hope and optimism for the future. The story is relatable and realistic, as it shows the struggles and joys of pursuing one's dreams, finding one's identity, and overcoming one's fears.

The positive reviews and ratings of Her Blue Sky

Her Blue Sky is a critically acclaimed and commercially successful movie that has received praise from both critics and audiences alike. The movie has a score of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb, 7.8 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, and 4 out of 5 on Anime News Network. The movie has also won several awards, such as the Best Animation Film Award at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize, the Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 14th Asian Film Awards, and the Excellence Award at the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival. The movie has also been nominated for other prestigious awards, such as the Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 93rd Academy Awards (pending).

How to download Her Blue Sky online?

If you are interested in watching Her Blue Sky online, you might be wondering how to download it legally and safely. Here are some options that you can consider:

The legal and safe way to download Her Blue Sky

The best way to download Her Blue Sky online is to use a legal and safe platform that has the official license to stream or distribute the movie. This way, you can support the creators of the movie and avoid any legal or ethical issues. Some of the platforms that offer Her Blue Sky online are:


Bilibili Bilibili is a Chinese video-sharing platform that specializes in anime, comics, and games. It is one of the official distributors of Her Blue Sky in China, and it offers the movie in both Japanese and Chinese audio, with subtitles in various languages. You can watch Her Blue Sky on Bilibili for free, but you need to register an account and verify your identity. You can also download the movie on Bilibili for offline viewing, but you need to pay a fee of 5 yuan (about 0.77 USD) per download. You can access Bilibili through its website or its mobile app.


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