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Line Of Duty (2012) Season 6 S06 Extras (1080...

US and Canada-based fans will have to wait to stream season 6, but it will be available on BritBox starting May 18th. They're airing new episodes weekly, so binge-watchers will want to hold off on starting (and be very, very careful about what you read online).

Line of Duty (2012) Season 6 S06 Extras (1080...

  • Gambit Pile Up: Common, experienced by Matthew "Dot" Cottan after he attempts to frame others as the Caddy, and Roz, covering up her accidental murder of Tim Ifield, at the same time that she tries to find Balaclava Man.

  • Gilligan Cut: In series 3, after Denton is released from prison and is searching for work, she mentions to the recruiter that she has a large amount of valuable skills from her former job as a Detective Inspector. Cut to her wearing a cleaner's uniform, despondently mopping floors in a local branch of supermarket ASDA.

  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: Fleming goes undercover and tries to get close to the person under investigation, while Arnott openly investigates as an AC-12 officer. These roles get switched in series 2 after Denton discovers the Fleming is undercover, and after Arnott earns Denton's trust and gets her guard down late in the series.

  • Groin Attack: In series 3, Sgt. Danny Waldron tortures Linus Murphy by, amongst other things, lacerating both his genitals and anus with knives and screwdrivers.

  • Denton is pretty brutal with her hands when she attacks her parole officer, who had threatened to get her fired from her job unless she performed sexual favours.

  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Instead of splitting up, both armed officers guarding the witness in series 2 chase after an 'intruder' in the hospital and end up getting locked out on a fire escape. This leaves the witness's room unguarded, resulting in the deaths of both the witness and DC Trotman.

  • Guilt-Ridden Accomplice: PC Rod Kennedy in series 3. He is first forced by Waldron into covering up the execution of an unarmed suspect, and then forced by Bains to help cover up the murder of Waldron. He later begins to crack under the pressure of the subsequent AC12 investigations, fearing for his job, pension and how he will be treated as a copper if he goes to prison. It culminates in him supposedly committing suicide in episode 2, but it is later revealed Bains killed him to keep him quiet.

  • Hannibal Lecture: DCI Huntley delivers a jaw dropping one to AC12 after their second interrogation of her, accusing them of sexist targeting of female officers (drawing on the case of Lindsay Denton, Hastings' membership of the Masons and the lack of female promotion in the department) and conspiring against her by planting evidence because they cannot admit their mistakes (calling back to the accusations that Arnott planted evidence against Denton in series 2). Her and her federation representative leave the interview room leaving Hastings and Desford speechless.

  • He Knows Too Much: At the end of the first series, Tommy Hunter is placed into witness protection in exchange for agreeing to provide the police with information regarding his criminal associates. Understandably they all (including DI Cottan, Hunter's mole in the police) dislike the idea of being found out, so conspire to kill him before he can give any incriminating evidence. This results in the ambush at the start of series 2, orchestrated by Cottan, which sees Tommy and three officers gunned down and set alight. DI Denton is spared, but only so they can pin the murders on her.

  • Oliver Stephens-Lloyd, the social worker who reported the abuse at Sands View to the police, was tortured, killed and thrown in a lake to give it the appearance of a suicide.

  • It is suggested that Hilton, who died on the same isolated jetty as Stephens-Lloyd, did not commit suicide but was killed by his criminal handlers to keep him quiet.

  • When Gill's frame job is revealed in the latter part of the series 5 finale, she does a Cottan and texts "Urgent Exit Required" to her employers. Except... they don't come to rescue her. Instead, they order an AC3 officer keeping guard on her to kill her, ostensibly to stop Gill telling all before she's put into Witness Protection.

  • Here We Go Again!: A common Sequel Hook. At the end of Series 1, Dot is revealed to be Tommy Hunter's caddy, and at the end of Series 5, Ryan Pilkington joins the police.

  • I'm Not Afraid of You: After the counter attacks on their investigation from both Huntley and ACC Hilton, AC12 begins to realise their reputation as internal affairs is not as effective as it used to be.DS Kate Fleming: Its worse than I thought, sir, They're not scared of us anymore.

  • Ignored Epiphany: Ryan Pilkington started off in the first series as a vile, obnoxious brat involved in crime. By the end of the series, he was arrested and taken back home, where PC Simon Bannerjee gives Ryan friendly advice and encourages him to become a better person. In the fifth series, Ryan returns... and he is STILL involved in crime. He is even joining the police force, likely to become a corrupt police officer. If anything, he actually turns out worse than Dot. Having a good chuckle at the thought of Jackie Laverty's body still being in that fridge - even being directly responsible for John Corbett's death, the one who slit his throat, doesn't seem to faze him in the slightest, where even Dot seemed shell-shocked upon killing Lindsay Denton.

  • Incredibly Conspicuous Drag: The man who kills the hospitalised witness in series 2 dresses as a female nurse to do so. Although he looks fairly convincing from behind, as soon as he looks at the detectives they realise he is an imposter.

  • In the Hood: Pulled by Gates briefly in episode 5 of series 1 when he and his team are in the Moss Heath area of the city.

  • Internal Affairs: This is AC-12's job in a nutshell. Since they're the protagonists, the audience views them in a more positive light than most examples of the trope. Unfortunately for them, everyone in-universe doesn't see them as well as we do.

  • Irony: One of the higher ranking members of the Anti-Corruption unit is DI Matthew "Dot" Cottan, the most Corrupt Cop of the show. In general, the earlier series are laden with irony. Each of the main cast is compromised in some way, despite being ostensibly perfect Anti-Corruption officers. Steve is a lady's man, and had a tendency to sleep with witnesses in contravention of police guidelines. Kate's an adulterer, and in series 2 just so happened to be dating the husband of Jayne Akers, one of the key organisers of the ambush. Ted spent years hiding his severe financial difficulties, again in contravention of police guidelines - a head of an Anti-Corruption unit who could certainly use a bribe is... questionable, to say the least.

  • Steve: Maybe there are some people out there who always tell the truth and ones who always lie. The rest of us choose our moments. This is one of them. It's a Small World, After All: The unnamed Midlands city the series takes place in has districts that are both sizeable enough to number just three, but also small enough that everyone knows exactly where something happened just on hearing it. Expect to hear Moss Heath, Kingsgate and Edge Park come up whenever the characters need to go to a crime scene outside the police offices. Also expect every second building and road to be named for one of the three.

  • Jerkass: DC Nigel "Nige" Morton. He initially starts as a decent fellow, but his Undying Loyalty to his best mate Gates makes his actions more and more aggressive. He even hits Fleming over the head with his cane, spits on the back of her head when she's leaving the team, and crushes Arnott's recently operated fingers because they're threats to Gates. In series 2 we find out that he's leaked information to the press for money, and when he finds out Cottan's connections with the criminal world, he keeps them under wraps for a career payoff.

  • Sgt. Danny Waldron. A cold and rather emotionless firearms officer, he is notoriously strict and difficult to work with. If he feels someone on his team isn't up to scratch, he will harass and bully them into making a transfer request. The fact that he executes a suspect in cold blood, blackmails his colleagues and slowly murders another man whilst off duty also adds to this.

  • Jurisdiction Friction: Occurs with multiple different departments within Central Police throughout the series. In series 2, Major Violent Crimes clash with AC-12 after DC Trotman is murdered, even keeping Steve in custody and harshly questioning him until Hastings gets him out. They continue to be a thorn in AC-12's side, given that the police convoy attack does technically fall under their purview.

  • After Tim Ifield's death in series 4, the officers from Operation Trapdoor clash with AC-12 over who examines the crime scene, even though protocol dictates that an independent team should do so (as they worked with the deceased). This is further complicated by DCI Huntley, who has been transferred to Major Violent Crimes and technically has jurisdiction, who relieves Steve and lets her old team in anyway.

  • Karma Houdini: Ryan, Cottan, and Morton. Tommy managed to escape justice at the end of Series One, but Cottan kills him in the Series Two premiere. DS Manish Prasad also counts, as he is given full immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony, despite the fact he was actively grooming teenage girls and engaged in murder and violent kidnapping.

  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Gates, for all his faults, gets some applause for being the one to punch Ryan, the sociopath child who acts as the runner for the Big Bad.

  • Tommy gets burned in Season Two premiere, in an ambush orchestrated by no other than his own former protege, Cottan.

  • Killer Cop: Some of the police antagonists throughout the series go beyond regular levels of corruption and actually end up killing people. DS Manish Prasad and DC Jeremy Cole gun down two uniformed police officers, a detective sergeant and a witness before setting them on fire to die an agonising death. Cole later throws DC Trotman from a window to her death.

  • Sgt. Danny Waldron, who guns down an unarmed suspect point blank and later tortures and kills another man before decapitating him.

  • PC Harinderpal Bains, who shoots Waldron in the throat after luring him into a room during a raid. He did so on the orders of Dot, who was blackmailing him.

  • AFO Lambert, the corrupt firearms officer who guns down a fellow AFO when breaking Dot out of Central Police headquarters.

  • DC Kate Fleming serves as a rare justified example of this. She shoots AFO Lambert when he aims his weapon at her during his escape with Dot. She later also shoots the driver of the car transporting Dot and another masked gunman who tries to kill her when she approaches the crashed vehicle.

  • DCI Roz Huntley, who stabs Tim Ifield in the neck when she regains consciousness and sees he is trying to dispose of her supposedly dead body.

  • Kudzu Plot: Every series of the show is a densely-woven thing, so there are a few casualties of this. From Series 1: Why were Nige and Dot so loyal to Gates? What was Andrew Laverty's involvement in Jackie's criminal activities? How did the Balaclava Men get into Jackie's driveway? Why did Gates believe Jackie might still be alive, despite seeing her die? What's going to happen to Tommy's operation now that he's been arrested? How was Arnott able to get a transfer and get right back to work after commanding an op that got an innocent killed? Why was that guy robbing Laverty's properties and throwing the valuables into a canal? The stolen goods were being put into plastic bags and thrown into the canal so they could be retrieved undamaged.

  • From Series 3: What happened to Hari Bains after the evidence was found linking the noose to Dot? How can Hastings be a Catholic and a Mason?


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